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Smart solutions

When Keen joins your project, we become an extension of your team. We observe. We ask thorough questions to gain specific and clarifying answers with an open mind. We want to understand your pain points. We review every step against your end goal to ensure we’re making the best decisions while avoiding errors. We take initiative.

We do everything in our power to streamline our projects while increasing accuracy and value to arrive at your solution. Our 3D scanning capabilities are a major tool in our belt that allow us to do just that on a deeper level. A tool on its own is not valuable — how we use the tool drives real innovation and better end results. Our experts are taking the 3D scanning potential a step further — bounds more valuable — by not only using the capabilities to work smarter, safer, and more efficiently but to also manage, transfer, and share the data with our customers for any future needs. The resulting 3D models enhance our projects and collaboration. And they allow you better understanding and control of project details and accuracy.

Design & Engineering

The end goal

Keen’s in-house designers and engineers uncover every project’s end goal from the start. We’re trained to ask the right questions to be able to gather all significant inputs. We often help owners by creating and/or updating process flow diagrams and detailed equipment lists. We establish a lean process from the start to ensure minimal downtime and a safe, optimal project workflow.

This design-guided process allows you to see and consider all options in conceptual design and budgeting. This means we can develop efficient and constructible designs able to meet the long-term goals of your project.

We become your expert

Keen learns your products, processes and conditions for success.

You leverage our knowledge

You gain our expertise to help you make informed, long-term decisions.

Together we make the right decisions

The choices we make in the design stage lead to your best result.


Problems proactively solved

Every project has unique challenges and each owner has certain desired outcomes. Our team identifies these before construction begins.

We are recognized in the marketplace for our rigor in striving to deliver the very best pre-construction and construction services. Our open-book approach during the budgeting process brings new partnerships to our customers when needed. Bidding the projects transparently demonstrates subcontractor and vendor selection criteria that allows our customers to actively participate in the selection process.

We work to ensure there is minimal impact to your business by fostering relationships with the plant location, design partners and regional trade partners. This integrated approach creates a more streamlined, efficient and achievable construction phase by ensuring the right resources are in the room working together at the start.


Bringing together winning teams

Keen customers benefit from many years of our team members serving clients across the United States. We have built an amazing supply chain across the market with designers, trade resources, subcontractors, and material suppliers.

We pride ourselves on working as a partner in the field and bringing together winning teams. We built Keen on a foundation of respect for our employees, our partners and our customers. Respect creates an environment that cultivates innovation and encourages discussion.

Construction Management

Aligned, effective process

Great construction management is at the intersection of quality project management and solid field management.

Keen prides itself on our ability to effectively manage your project within scope, budget, schedule, safety and quality. With our Keen Project Delivery System™, we streamline and manage all resources including time, labor, materials, subcontractors, vendors and equipment. With our processes clear to you, you know what you’re getting and understand where we’re at every step of the way.

Trade Services

Optimal, convenient quality

The number one concern in business today is access to labor. Keen is well-positioned to manage this risk thanks to our day one investment in growing our own labor workforce. By investing in trade careers, Keen is building a reliable and consistent workforce now and into the future.

Keen millwrights undergo an extensive training program complete with a Department of Labor certified curriculum and a 10-hour OSHA safety course. Keen millwrights are experienced, precise and flexible. We’re trained by the best in order to provide accurate, workable solutions in design, planning, construction and maintenance on your deadlines.


Reliable quality assurance

At Keen, we are dedicated to ensuring that our work is compliant with your end goals. We rely on the expertise of our dedicated and knowledgeable Keen commissioning agents, and our success is the culmination of well-managed, reliable quality assurance and control processes, guidelines and specifications. We are committed to delivering on your design, and our end goal is to leave the facility better than we found it.

Reliability & Maintenance

Improvement through preventative maintenance

Maintenance is more than fixing something that’s gone wrong. Maintenance should be a proactive effort to keep your processes and facility functioning. We can help with plant improvements and technology upgrades while minimizing disruptions with our start-to-finish approach to Reliability-Centered Maintenance.

Instituting an effective preventative maintenance program starts with accurately accounting for assets in your operation. Keen’s engineering resources will assess and document your existing facilities to create an inventory of process lines and equipment. We use the latest technology, including 3D scanning and modeling, to efficiently capture conditions in your current facility and present them in reports and schedules to support your R&M program.

Think Different Think Keen

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