People First
Buildings Second

Investing in people. Committing fully to our clients.
Working at our highest potential.

Keen offers design, build and EPC solutions in central Iowa and across North America. And every day, Keen works to be more than a just solution provider to our clients. Beyond our technical capabilities, we lead with talent, integrity, and commitment you can trust.

Guiding Principles

Keen is built on a foundation of unifying principles. We empower people at every level, giving them the freedom and responsibility to make decisions in the best interest of our customers.

Protect people

Safety comes first in everything we do.

Build relationships

Effective, transparent communication leads to project success.

Focus on end goals

We collaborate to bring our customer’s desired results to life.

Drive innovation

High tech or low tech, the best idea wins.

Performing Teams

Keen hires best-in-field individuals who are then challenged, guided and inspired to contribute at their highest potential every day. We unite around your goals. We rally around our guiding principles. We work in collaboration with you.

Keen Cares

Cultivating Community

Keen has built a culture of support for the communities where we live, work and play. We value the opportunity to be a people-focused corporate citizen, and we believe in empowering our purpose-driven team members. At Keen, each employee has the opportunity to nurture their local communities with their time, finances or skills. Learn more about the impact our company and our employees are making.

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